Latest Press Releases

Rich Specialty Trailers launches a new large capacity 12 Station Hand Washing Trailer large hand washing trailer is rugged enough to be pulled from site to site in even harsh environments. Now patrons have 12 spaces to wash up with warm water and soap from their own dedicated dispenser. 2015/09/28

Meurer Research Introduces Plate Settlers for Wastewater’s high-capacity Inclined Plate Settlers enable primary, secondary and tertiary clarifiers to remove more solids in less space. The space-saving design yields up to four times more settling area in existing basins and allows a smaller basin footprint in new construction, reducing treatment and construction costs while significantly lowering TSS discharge. 2015/09/23

New CYCLOPS-E Manhole Camera with Powerful Zoom Has Been Announced by Medit Inc.

The New CYCLOPS-E Manhole Camera is an Economical Version of the Company’s Well-Known Heavy Duty Professional Viewing Device 2015/09/14

City of Anaheim Selects Spatial Wave’s Mapplet and Field Mapplet Suite

The City of Ahaheim selects Mapplet and Field Mapplet Suite from Spatial Wave to support its Enterprise systems data access. 2015/09/14

Industries worldwide can now buy affordable Duplex UNS S32205 Tube Fittings offered by Jain Steel Corporation

industries worldwide can improve their industrial work processes by using the Duplex UNS S32205 Tube fittings that are being sold by the online web portal and distributor channel of Jain Steel Corporation. 2015/07/16