New CYCLOPS-E Manhole Camera with Powerful Zoom Has Been Announced by Medit Inc.

WINNIPEG, MB, CA - September 14, 2015 - - The New CYCLOPS-E Manhole Camera is an Economical Version of the Company’s Well-Known Heavy Duty Professional Viewing Device

Medit, Inc., big North American online supplier of video inspection equipment and accessories, is pleased to introduce Cyclops-E Manhole Camera – highly efficient device for vertical inspections.

“Cyclops-E, featuring the same high quality characteristics as our professional Cyclops manhole camera offers users outstanding inspection experience, portability and freedom to choose virtually any application at just a fraction of price of a professional device”, said Terry Peristerakis, Sale Manager at Medit, Inc. The Cyclops-E features everything you need for high-quality, efficient inspections without being overloaded with extra complex features that you will not even need for your choice of applications. It is ideal for inspecting various vertical structures and objects located in or near water. The camera is equipped with highly sensitive EX-view HAD CCD Camera Sensor with 700 TVL horizontal resolution, 30x optical zoom and super bright adjustable LED light illumination enabling operators to capture every tiny flaw of the remote internal structure. It has a manual tilt 30°up and 90°down and an adjustable mount connected to the camera head that you can press against surface to avoid image fluctuating – all contributing to highly-efficient, thorough inspections of hard-to-access areas and objects. Users can view inspections on a 5.7’’ TFT color monitor, take snapshots or videos, save them to an SD memory card for future documentation or stream directly to a laptop by means USB outlet.

Text generator is quite helpful you need to make comments during the inspection process – you can type up to 6 pages of text. The camera works with light extendable waterproof carbon poles of various lengths. The standard length is 6 meters but 12 m poles are also available. The control unit with the monitor and easy to use control buttons comes in a portable, rugged case that protects it from various negative impact, such as rain or rigors of inspection process. The Cyclops-E manhole camera runs on a rechargeable battery, allowing for up to 4 hours of video inspections on full charge. It is a great device for routine vertical inspections that is rugged, reliable and highly efficient.


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