Enviro-Loo Waterless Sanitation System


The Enviro-Loo waterless sanitation system, made in South Africa and imported to the United States by ESNA (Environmental Service North America), separates solids from liquids and uses solar heat to create air currents that evaporate liquids and reduce solids to a dry material. The odorless system works without deodorants, additives or infrastructure. Waste drops onto an inclined, perforated drying plate, while liquids pass through the plate to the tank below. Aided by gravity, the solids move to the collection area, where dehydration and evaporation reduce the waste to a stabilized material, approximately 5 percent of its original volume. 571/292-3106; www.enviroloo.biz.


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Phone: 571/292-3106
Website: www.enviroloo.biz