Wacker Neuson Indirect-fired Heaters


HIF 690 and HIF 1200 flameless indirect-fired heaters from Wacker Neuson Climate Technology feature a Cummins Tier 4i diesel engine that generates heat up to 250 degrees F air output. The heaters have a maximum input of 686,000 (690 model) and 1.2 million (1200 model) Btu/hour, heating up to 1 million (690) and 1.7 million (1,200) square feet. Cool, ambient and/or recirculated air is drawn into the heater body and pulled through an exhaust heat exchanger and radiator. Air temperature increases as it is drawn across the engine and heat plate. At the final heating stage, air is pushed through the shear plate oil heat exchanger. 800/770-0957; www.wackerneuson.com.


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Phone: 800/770-0957
Website: www.wackerneuson.com