City of Mount Dora installs StormX Pollutant Traps

MOUNT DORA, FL - September 4, 2012 - - The city of Mount Dora is known for its rolling hills and pristine lakes. In an effort to help protect these lakes from discharged nutrients and other pollutants, the city has recently installed full capture netting systems at the end of several bodies of water.

In July 2012, the city’s Public Works and Utilities department made significant improvements to its stormwater collection and drainage systems through the installation of StormX Gross Pollutant Traps. The trash and course sediment netting systems have been installed at the end of three pipes within the city. Two pipes discharge into Lake Gertrude, a pristine body of water which has only one stormwater treatment unit within its drainage area. The sites were selected for the installation of StormX Gross Pollutant Traps because these discharge pipes are well above the median high water level, thus allowing the materials to dry out between rain events to reduce decomposition.

Additionally, the sites are easily accessible by the machinery needed to remove the nets for cleaning. The third pipe discharges into Lake Dora, the city’s most prominent body of water. Lake Dora is on the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s list of impaired water bodies, and this capturing system will be another small effort in reducing the amount of nutrients being discharged into the lake. “During heavy rain events, the nets capture most of the leaves and slow the flow of water so it causes less erosion downstream,” said Paul Ritter, Mount Dora Stormwater and Environmental Manager.

“We’ve only had the systems installed for about two months, but they appear to be working very well so far.” It is expected that each unit will collect between four and six cubic yards of leaves, litter and coarse sediments per year. This amount will vary based on seasonal change. The volume and estimated weigh of materials removed from the unit will be tracked and reported to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as part of the city of Mount Dora’s National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit.


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