Mount Dora’s Septic Waste Recycling Initiative Draws Local Haulers

CITY OF MOUNT DORA, FL - August 14, 2012 - - The City of Mount Dora’s ‘Lucky Dumper’ program provides incentives to local septic haulers.

The Public Works and Utilities Department of the City of Mount Dora has launched its ‘Lucky Dumper’ initiative in an effort to encourage local septic haulers to utilize the city’s wastewater treatment facilities. Local septic tank haulers are encouraged to utilize dumping facilities at the Mount Dora Wastewater Treatment Plant located at 1850 State Road 46. With each visit, haulers are entered into a drawing to receive $100 off their company’s next invoice. Haulers can also enter to win a $10 gift certificate to Subway. First time customers automatically receive $100 off their first invoice. Through this initiative, the city is working to increase septic waste levels at its wastewater treatment plant in order to make its nitrification efforts more effective.

“The total nitrogen concentration is a slow but definite response to the addition of septic waste to our influent stream,” said Treatment Plant Chief Operator Donald Watkins. “The higher volume we receive, the lower our nitrogen levels in the treated effluent. Ultimately, reduced nitrogen levels will result in cleaner and healthier ground water. The positive environmental impacts associated with proper and responsible septic waste disposal can’t be overstated,” Watkins added. The nitrogen analysis is done through an independent laboratory for compliance with the city’s Florida Department of Environmental Protection operating permit. Drawings are held each month at the Mount Dora Wastewater Treatment Plant.


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