ABSMaterials Awarded Eighth Major Research Grant

WOOSTER, OH - August 6, 2012 - WastewaterPR.com - The National Science Foundation (NSF) today announced a 2012 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award of $489,173 for ABSMaterials, Inc. The funding continues groundbreaking research and development using OsorbĀ® bioretention soil amendments to capture and clean contaminants and nutrients common to agriculture, industry, retail and energy production.

The Phase II grant is ABS’s eighth peer-reviewed, competitive award within a three-year period and the second time NSF has awarded ABS a prestigious two-year SBIR Phase II. “There is a growing understanding worldwide about the importance of managing stormwater quality,” said CEO Stephen Spoonamore. “Locally, the causes of the algae blooms common to the Great Lakes and other water bodies are the excesses of nutrients, combined with damaging chemicals and endocrine disruptors. “Our team has now built several Osorb stormwater systems which are 2-9 times more effective than any other commercial solution. Our solutions will have local, national and global impacts, and this substantial NSF award to support the science is a huge honor.”

The ABSMaterials research award, titled “Development of Activated Swelling Organosilica-Metal Composites Filter Media in Bioretention Systems for Enhanced Remediation of Stormwater Runoff,” will be led by Environmental Engineer and OSU OARDC graduate Dr. Hanbae Yang. Dr. Yang leads the company’s advanced bioretention research and development and is the principal system designer. “There is a significant need for better stormwater management,” Yang said. “This NSF funding will allow ABSMaterials to further develop, optimize and document how Osorb bioretention media can solve tough industrial and agricultural runoff conditions.”

Phase I of the award was funded in 2011 and allowed the ABS team to perfect new forms of Osorb for bioretention systems, such as stormwater bioswales and smaller rain gardens. The Osorb variants were tested at bench and field-scale to measure their effectiveness at remediating stormwater by removing and breaking down common contaminants. The College of Wooster provided a site for the first complete Osorb stormwater system. This site continues to generate data each time it rains. Results of the testing in Phase I yielded “consistently excellent and commercially best-in-class results, in some cases reducing pollutants by over 90%,” Yang said. The pollutants proven to be removed include oils, nutrients, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors. Yang added, “the first year of testing indicated the material remains effective in the long term. This grant will allow us to fully document and test our solutions in demanding conditions.”

The award supports Dr. Yang’s research team from August 2012 through July 2014. ABSMaterials, Inc. is dedicated to applying advances in 21st century materials science to the challenges created by 20th century industrial processes and chemistry. The company’s advanced water treatment systems use patented Osorb® absorbent glass materials to remediate oils, solvents and other VOCs in water without negative environmental effects.


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