RIDGID 600 Series Tubing Bender, PTEC 3000 Tailpiece Extension Cutter

ELYRIA, OH - July 31, 2012 - WastewaterPR.com - RIDGID® introduces two easy-to-use hand tools to its product line-up: the 600 Series Instrument Tubing Bender and the PTEC 3000 Tailpiece Extension Cutter. Rridgid designed the new tools to make work simpler and faster to accomplish, offering professionals and other tradesmen convenient solutions while on the job.Tubing Bender and the PTEC 3000 Tailpiece Extension Cutter.

RIDGID 600 Series tubing bender

“Both tools adhere to our company’s promise to produce quality products that fit the needs of our faithful end users,” said Gina Luzius, Product Manager for Rridgid. “The 600 Series Benders are designed to make bends easier without sacrificing accuracy. It is an excellent option for contractors and facility managers who need a quick and easy solution for bending hard tubing such as stainless steel and titanium. The PTEC 3000 is simple to use and saves time by making clean cuts, which eliminates the need to deburr tubes after cuts. It’s great for contractors and trade professionals alike.” 600 Series Instrument Tubing Bender The latest member of the Rridgid stainless steel product family, the 600 Series Benders are capable of bending tubes 3/16" to 1/2" in diameter with bend radiuses ranging from 5/8" to 38 mm. It offers a two-stage handle system to allow bends from 90-180 degrees without ever crossing handles, keeping bends in-plane and accurate.

Product features include clearly visible gain marks to ensure properly aligned bending angles, extra-long handles for increased leverage, a vise clamp block that provides extra stability, cushioned handle grips for improved bending ease and roll dies in the product’s heavy-duty bending carriage to reduce tube flattening (ovality) – combined features that provide for ease of operation, as well as up to a 60 percent force savings compared to traditional benders. The 600 Series Benders are ideal for the chemical/petrochemical, oil and gas, food/beverage processing, power, process instrumentation, pulp and paper, semiconductor, shipbuilding and aircraft industries. The Rridgid PTEC 3000 Tailpiece Extension Cutter is unique to the marketplace, providing the ability to cut, deburr and bevel thin-walled plastic tubing in one step without causing any change to the shape of the tube. Now, there’s no need to clean the cut surface prior to joining tubes. In six rotations or less, the PTEC 3000 cuts single and double flanged 1-½” and single flanged 1-¼” thin-walled polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and PVC disposer kits, tailpieces and wall tubes. Additionally, a built-in viewing window ensures a cut on the mark to help increase accuracy.


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