Press Releases For: Products / Sewer & Drain

Condux Pipe Splitting Tool  

The TurboSlitter pipe splitting tool from Condux International is available as a pneumatically powered or cordless drill attachment. The tool is designed to cut through HDPE ductwork and pipe with… 2014/02/21

Vacall Sewer Cleaner High-dump Option

The Vacall AllJetVac high-dump option for combination sewer cleaners from Gradall Industries enables the operator to raise the debris tank 76 inches above ground level and shift the tank horizontally… 2014/02/21

TT Technologies Synthetic Air Tool Lubricant

Grundo-oil synthetic lubricant from TT Technologies is formulated for all pneumatic tools, including the Grundomat piercing tool, Grundocrack pipe bursting systems and the Grundoram pneumatic pipe rammer. The nontoxic, biodegradable… 2014/02/21

PressurePro TPMS Tire Performance Monitoring

Commercial tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) from Advantage PressurePro, in collaboration with Omnitracs’ mobile computing platforms 110 and 200 (MCP110 and MCP200), provide tire performance information to an in-cab display,… 2014/02/21

Aquatherm 4-inch SDR Pipe The 4-inch Blue Pipe standard dimension ratio (SDR) 17.6 pipe from Aquatherm is designed for water main applications and similar installations. Blue Pipe SDR 17.6 also is available in 6-… 2014/02/21

McElroy Pipe Fusion Software

DataLogger Vault pipe fusion software from McElroy Manufacturing provides joint-data analysis and storage. Compatible on the DataLogger 3, 4 and 5, the free online app enables users to view and… 2014/02/21

Water Cannon Jetter Package The XT jetter package from Water Cannon delivers up to 5.5 gpm and pressure to 4,200 psi. It functions as a drain cleaner and pressure washer. Powered by a Honda… 2014/01/15

RIDGID CS6 Digital Recording Monitor 

The SeeSnake CS6 digital recording monitor from RIDGID, equipped with SeeSnake HQ software, captures still images and video clips, enabling users to edit, archive and deliver reports directly to customers… 2014/01/15

NLB Universal Nozzle Heads 

Universal heads for Typhoon self-rotating nozzles from NLB Corp. are designed to cut through blocked tubes while polishing the tube’s inside diameter. The seven heads – used with Typhoon models… 2014/01/15

KNIPEX Pliers Wrench The pliers wrench from KNIPEX Tools combines the functions of a pliers and wrench in one tool with a 10-to-1 lever ratio. Models are available in sizes from 6 to… 2014/01/15