Press Releases For: Products / Sewer & Drain

High Pressure Equipment Valves With Ergonomic Handles

Medium pressure valves with ergonomic handles from High Pressure Equipment Co. have an adjustable stem to eliminate backlash in the connection. The handle is available on 20,000 psi valves in… 2014/04/25

Aquatherm Toxin-free, Zero-lead Fittings Toxin-free, zero-lead fittings from Aquatherm are compliant with the U.S. EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and zero-lead mandate. The transition fittings are available for potable water fixtures from 1/2… 2014/03/25

H.K. Porter Indexing Rebar Bender 

The H.K. Porter Indexing Rebar Bender from Apex Tool Group is available in three sizes with an indexing head that grips rebar securely for accurate bends. The smallest size works… 2014/03/25

FLIR E-Series Thermal Cameras 

E-Series thermal cameras (E4, E5, E6, E8) from FLIR Systems feature 3-inch color LCD display, wide-angle autofocus lens, intuitive camera controls, onboard digital camera and MSX (multispectral dynamic) technology that… 2014/03/25

KNIPEX Water Pump Pliers

Cobra XL (No. 87 01 400) and Cobra XXL (No. 87 01 560) water pump pliers from KNIPEX Tools feature push-button adjustment that fully opens the jaw. A clicking sound… 2014/03/25

Reelcraft Hand-crank Hose Reels

Series CH37000 hand-crank hose reels from Reelcraft Industries are designed for industrial applications requiring longer lengths of 1-inch hose. The static oil lite bearing helps eliminate possible bearing misalignment due… 2014/03/25

Coxreels Fluid Path 1195 Series Reels

The 1195 Series fluid path reel from Coxreels has an inline swivel, remodeled low profile outlet riser and improved operating pressure range (1,000 psi). Featuring a one-piece, all-welded A-frame base,… 2014/03/25

Hypertherm Air Plasma Cutting System

The Powermax125 portable air plasma system from Hypertherm cuts 1 1/2-inch-thick metal at speeds up to 18 inches per minute, and can sever metal more than 2 1/4 inches thick.… 2014/03/25

Sioux Corp. Steam Generator

The SF-50 Steam-Flo steam generator from the Sioux Corp. is designed for accelerating the curing process in precast concrete, degassing tanks and thawing frozen pipes. The 50 hp boiler unit… 2014/03/25

NLB Reduced-stress Waterjet Lances 

NCG-286A high-pressure waterjet lances from NLB Corp. are designed to reduce stress on the inlet hose connection; a padded shoulder stock helps center the thrust of the water. The lances… 2014/02/21