Press Releases For: Products / Portable Sanitation

Anver Offers Vacuum Lifter-Flipper for Large Stampings new vacuum lifter-flipper for removing large stampings and fiberglass or rotationally molded parts from a mold and turning them upside down for the next process is being introduced by Anver Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts. 2012/03/20

WennSoft Introduces Evolution Work Order Management

Today, WennSoft announced the availability of WennSoft Evolution – a complete operational solution for organizations focused on work order management, asset management, installation, field service and maintenance. The solution is designed for equipment or asset centric organizations in the energy, construction, communications, and manufacturing and distribution industries. 2012/03/15

AllMax Releases Antero Version 5 Data Management Program

Antero v5 will enable users to shift from corrective to preventive maintenance, and help plants comply with strict industry and regulatory requirements. Aside from the new, trendy look and feel of the program, one of the more significant improvements to Antero is the migration from a Microsoft® Access® database engine to the more robust MS SQL, which is scalable and capable of handling vast amounts of records and data. 2012/02/27

Wastequip Introduces Above Frame Roll-off Cable Hoist has introduced its new Galbreath brand Above Frame roll-off cable hoist, designed for maximum compatibility with various truck chassis configurations. 2012/02/02

FLEXAUST Tiger Tail Liquid Suction and Pumping Hose new, robust tiger tail hose that is flexible for pumper truck waste evacuation and septic pumping, sewer cleaning, and marine sanitation applications is being introduced by FLEXAUST of Warsaw, Indiana. 2012/01/10

Clear Computing Announces Cloud-Based TAC Online

Clear Computing, developer of the Total Activity Control operations management system, announced their new offering, TAC Online, to be available in 2012. 2012/01/01

UHI Worldwide Develops Anti-Freeze Solution For Mobile Restrooms

While mobile bathrooms are usually associated with outdoor, warm-weather activities, portable toilet trailers are equally as practical and ideal for wintertime events. However, the one challenge the mobile restroom industry faces is keeping the banjo value from freezing in cold weather. UHI Worldwide has developed a solution for this problem. 2011/12/01

Sprayon Introduces Equipment and Surface Deicer® Products, a leader in delivering reliable, innovative solutions for the most demanding industrial and MRO applications, is proud to introduce theNEW SP™704 Heavy Duty Equipment & Surface Deicer. 2011/11/09

Grote Industries Introduces Side Turn Lamp Family six new LED side turn lamps come in three styles, each with a choice of either male pin or hard shell connectors. The grommet-mount version works well for traditional applications and direct replacement of existing grommet-mount installations. 2011/10/04

Pro-Act Introduces Pumper’s Helper Septic Treatment that pumpers and waste haulers are being squeezed by escalating costs to store and dispose of septic and food waste, Pro-Act Biotech introduces the Pro-Act Pumper’s Helper. The product reduces solids accumulation and odor in storage tanks enabling pumpers and haulers to more easily dispose of waste and increase their revenue from hauling operations. Pumper’s Helper further increases the nutrient value of treated waste, which makes the waste more appealing for disposal outlets such as farms. 2011/09/14