Press Releases For: Products / Portable Sanitation

Subaru’s Industrial RGV Generators’s RGV Industrial Generators provide reliable power and exceptional performance in any application. The two models – RGV12100 and RGV13100T – are the most powerful in Subaru’s extensive Industrial Generator lineup. Featuring top-of-the-line components including powerful Subaru V-Twin engines, the RGV Generators are designed to handle the needs of professional contractors, industrial users and rental centers. 2012/07/17

Rich Specialty Trailers 8 station exterior hand-washing trailer Specialty Trailers of Topeka, Indiana has introduced a new 8 station exterior hand washing trailer. Each station features a water conserving self closing faucet and easy access to exterior soap dispensers and hand drying paper towel dispensers. 2012/07/01

Jenny ProductsTwo-Stage, Gas-Powered Compressor Products, Inc. introduces the W11HGB-30P to its line of two-stage wheeled-portable air compressors. Featuring a powerful gas engine and high-capacity “W” pump, the compressor offers the highest air volume in its class. 2012/06/27

SurcoTech Introduces Scatter Granular Odor Counteractant

Powerfully-effective Scatter® Odor Counteractant Granules™ contain exclusive Metazene® odor destroying additive. Scatter® brand granules are formulated to handle even the toughest odors from restaurant, institutional, commercial and municipal waste. 2012/05/23

Flexaust Introduces Flex-Tube EF Eco-Friendly Flexible Hose new, phthalate-free, clear coextruded polyoflefin elastomer hose with a rigid external polypropylene helix that has virtually no outgassing and low VOCs as compared to PVC is being introduced by Flexaust of Warsaw, Indiana. 2012/05/15

Jenny Products Offers High-Pressure GT-Series Compressors Products, Inc. offers the GT-Series, the company’s smallest line of electric-powered, two-stage air compressors. Featuring high-pressure output, the GT-Series is ruggedly built for professional use. 2012/04/25

ECCO Introduces Single, Modular LED Worklamps’s new E92019 Series worklamps offer not only the choice of spot or flood illumination but also modular models that can be linked together either horizontally or vertically to suit individual needs. 2012/04/24

Honda Power Equipment Introduces Generator Collegiate Skinit Kit Power Equipment is launching six all-new designs as part of its official generator Collegiate Skinit® Kit program. The Skinit Kit is an innovative accessory available exclusively for the popular Honda EU2000i Super Quiet Series portable generator.  Vibrant skins from the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Virginia, the University of South Carolina, Texas Christian University, Boise State University and the University of Wisconsin now are offered as part of the program, allowing for more college football supporters to customize their Honda generators when tailgating, camping or for any occasion calling for reliable, portable power. 2012/04/12

Flexuast Introduces Flexible Hose Cuffs new line of screw-on cuffs that fit their line of Flex-Tube® PU transfer hoses and FlexStat® static dissipative hoses for creating fully OEM-ready hose assemblies is being introduced by Flexuast of Warsaw, Indiana. 2012/04/05

RMT’s Trackvision Safety Camera System Offers Operators a Clear View waterproof wide-angle camera gives equipment operators a 115o field of view in any direction to eliminate blind-spots to the front, rear, sides and “over the wall!” As well as improving safety and reducing equipment damage on the jobsite, 2012/03/23