Press Releases For: Products / Municipal Sewer, Water, & Storm

Aries Side Scan Video Camera The dual-viewing Side Scanning Inspection System from Aries Industries is designed for pipeline maintenance, inspection and rehabilitation in 6- to 48-inch pipe. The system allows synchronized playback, presentation of live… 2013/06/28

Spire Electromagnetic Btu Meter

The T-MAG electromagnetic Btu meter from Spire Metering Technology, formerly Shenitech, is designed for accurate, efficient thermal energy measurement. Two factory-calibrated temperature sensors measure supply and return temperatures. The unit… 2013/06/28

Tideflex Inline Check Valve

The CheckMate inline check valve from Tideflex Technologies, a division of Red Valve Company, is designed for backflow prevention and odor mitigation in outfalls, stormwater, CSO and SSO applications. The… 2013/06/28

Oldcastle Stormwater Management System

The PermeCapture low impact development stormwater management system from Oldcastle Precast and Oldcastle Architectural is an all-inclusive runoff control system that manages water volume in addition to protecting water quality… 2013/06/28

Markland Automatic Duckbill Sampling System

The automatic duckbill sampling system from Markland Specialty Engineering uses compressed air to move samples more than 79 feet vertically and 98 feet horizontally. 2013/05/30

Aries Pipe Maintenance, Inspection Tool

The Wolverine Cutting System pipeline maintenance and inspection tool from Aries Industries is designed to cut liner while delivering video imagery. Made for lateral reinstatement use in 6- to 16-inch… 2013/05/30

Hayward Flow Control Basket Strainers

The Platinum GF-PP (glass-filled polypropylene) SB Series of basket strainers from Hayward Flow Control are available in sizes from 1/2 to 4 inches with true union threaded or flanged end… 2013/05/30

Water Cannon Hot-water Diesel Pressure Washer

Diesel-powered hot-water pressure washers from Water Cannon are customizable with psi ratings from 3,200 to 4,000 and deliver from 4 to 8 gpm. 2013/05/30

Berntsen RFID Underground Marking System

The InfraMarker RFID system for marking underground assets from Berntsen International uses a combination magnetic location and on-site data storage. The system uses GPS to get close to the asset,… 2013/05/30

Gigabit Router for Secure Data Communications! announces the launch of two new Gigabit Routers that have been developed specifically for use in industrial networking solutions. These are designed to offer secure and reliable communication between Ethernet-based systems as well as higher-level networks. 2013/05/07