Press Releases For: Products

Kohler Mobile Generators  

The mobile generator line from Kohler Power Systems includes 11 diesel gensets ranging from 35 kVA to 680 kVA and four liquid-propane gensets, ranging from 30 kVA to 125 kVA.… 2014/06/05

Felling Trailers Bi-fold Ramp Option  

The hydraulic bi-fold ramp option from Felling Trailers extends an 11-foot bi-fold ramp. When used with Felling’s double incline Beavertail, the ramp creates an 8-degree load angle for low-clearance equipment.… 2014/06/05

EZstrip TR Muncher Grinder The EZstrip TR Muncher grinder from Moyno features equal thrust offset cutters that capture and reduce large solids for maceration. The angled cutter stack and upflow design rejects hard objects,… 2014/06/05

BOMAG Vibratory Tampers

BT60, BT65 and BVT65 vibratory tampers from BOMAG Americas include cover and guards for engine protection, dual air and fuel filter system (single air filter for BVT65), hour meter and… 2014/06/05

Benko Railcar Access Platform

GREEN railcar access platforms from Benko Products can be customized to meet the demands of any size operation. The access and fall protection line includes flat ramp, telescoping and self-leveling… 2014/06/05

Makita Rotary Hammers

HR2611F pistol grip and HR2621 D-handle 1-inch rotary hammers from Makita U.S.A. feature Anti-Vibration Technology, an internal counterbalance system, and deliver 2.1 ft-lbs of impact, as well as three-mode operation:… 2014/06/05

SEI Bladder Fuel Tank Monitoring

The TacFuels monitoring system from Varec, available through SEI Industries, monitors fuel volumes from remote locations in real time. The system includes data collection units, flowmeters and fuel gauges, along… 2014/06/05

Spire Metering Ultrasonic Flowmeter 

The RH40 hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter from Spire Metering Technology, formerly Shenitech, is designed to deliver fast, nonintrusive flow and energy measurement across an array of pipe sizes (0.5 to 120… 2014/06/05

Franklin Electric Submersible Pumps

SR Series submersible pumps from Franklin Electric are designed for municipal and industrial applications. Features include fully welded impellers and diffusers. Available in two models, the 6-inch pump delivers flow… 2014/06/05

John Deere Payload Scale The LOADRITE L2180 payload scale from John Deere, in association with Trimble, is designed for four-wheel-drive loaders with the JDLink Ultimate telematics system. Available on 444K and 844K models, the… 2014/06/05