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ProSoft Industrial Cellular Gateway The ICX30-HWC industrial cellular gateway from ProSoft Technology provides wireless Ethernet and serial connectivity to remote devices and equipment over 3G cellular service, including PLCs, RTUs, DCS systems, electronic billboards… 2014/07/10

McElroy Socket Fusion Tool

The 15-pound Spider 125 socket fusion tool with universal clamping from McElroy Manufacturing is designed for polypropylene pipe installation in overhead, vertical and tight work spaces. The clamping feature eliminates… 2014/07/10

Conveyor Components Bin Level Control The CR Roto-Level Control from Conveyor Components Co. protects against material overflow, empty bins, abnormal levels and plugged chutes. The low-torque motor drives a paddle sensor that continuously rotates inside… 2014/07/10

Optronics LED Series Lamps ONE Series LED lights from Optronics International are available in single-diode 4-inch round and 6-inch oval stop, tail and turn lamps. The lights meet FMVSS 108 photometric requirements for visibility… 2014/07/08

CEAttachments Sod Unroller The EDGE sod unroller attachment for skid-steers and track loaders from CEAttachments handles rolls of sod up to 48 inches wide and 60 inches in diameter. 866/232-8224;


ECCO Wireless Reversing Camera The EC5605-WK wireless reversing camera system from ECCO Safety Group includes 5.6-inch LCD touch-screen color monitor and CMOS color infrared camera. The system delivers high-quality images in low light and… 2014/07/08

Lowell 4-in-1 Ratcheting Socket Wrench

The 8C 4-in-1 ratcheting socket wrench from Lowell Corp. has four sockets that fit the most common nut sizes (1 1/4, 1 1/16, 1 1/8 and 15/16 inches) in utility… 2014/07/08

Nu Flow Portable Dust Collector The commercial cyclone and dust collector from Nu Flow Technologies is designed for use during cleaning prior to epoxy barrier coating. The cart-mounted, 1,000 cfm unit has a reinforced steel… 2014/06/27

StoneAge Rotary Shotgun Tool The Barracuda BC-H9-XXLF-TI rotary shotgun tool from StoneAge has a maximum pressure of 40,000 psi and flow range from 1.68 to 3.12 gpm. Designed for hand-held shotgun waterblast cleaning, the… 2014/06/27

MagneGas Liquid Biomass Fuel Trailer

The mobile liquid biomass fuel unit from MagneGas Corp. converts liquid waste, including sewage, sludge, agricultural manure and bio-diesel into sterilized water, usable for irrigation, fertilization and hydrogen-based fuel. The process… 2014/06/27